Up to 25% off for UCL students and Theatre goers!

Drummond Street is London’s most famous street for Indian and Bangladeshi food. There are plenty of incredible places to eat, but there’s more to it than just going for a meal. Enjoy a selection of discounts and special offers available at the following venues:

Diwana Bhel Phoori House – 15% off meal

Diwana was the first restaurant on the street, and the very first vegetarian Indian restaurant in the UK! Try their Dosa, a type of pancake, to see why people have been queuing all these years to get a taste of their flavours.

Café Nora – 15% off meal

A quirky café with a lovely rear terrace, Café Nora serves some of the best coffee in town. Forget the large coffee chains, here you’ll get expertly made coffee, a selection of pastries, and a good choice for lunch. We’ve never seen salads that big!

Chutney’s – 15% off meal

You’ve probably heard of Chutney’s, it’s is almost all the tour guide books. It’s spacious, the chef stays 100% to traditional Indian cooking methods, and their lunch time buffet is glorious. Even thinking about their lunch makes us hungry…

African Kitchen – 15% off meal

This little gem of a place, African Kitchen, serves African cuisine and acts as a gallery too. You can’t miss it, there’s always a big wooden giraffe out front. Expect tasty food serves with one of the biggest smiles you’ll ever come across.

Exmouth Arms – 15% off meal

Quirky and creative collection of craft beers & gins – one of London’s coolest pubs. Grab a pint, get a burger, and enjoy socialising at Exmouth Arms.

Bio Organix – 25% off vitamins

Looking to detox? Natural remedies for illnesses or health conditions? The team at Bio Organix will advise on the best supplements for your needs.

I-Optix – up to 25% off

Fitted with state-of-the-art testing equipment, i-Optix offers a wide range of optical services and a wide selection of sunglasses, glasses and contact lenses.


*Please note the discount is only applicable for the voucher holder and includes food only (not drinks) and can not be applied in conjunction with other offers.